Unique Properties

Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard has unique physical properties that truly make it unlike any jewel ever seen.

It is generally accepted that the most important characteristics of a jewel are its beauty, durability and rarity.



The beauty of a jewel is determined by its color, brilliance, "fire" and luster. Brilliance The brilliance of a jewel is created by cutting designs that use the jewel's refractive index and is measured by the amount of light that enters the jewel and is reflected back to the viewer. See the superior brilliance for yourself.



The dispersion of a jewel combined with the cutting design results in the "fire," or the breaking of light rays into the spectrum of colors and is measured by the amount of colored flashes viewed when the jewel is moved in various lighting conditions. See the superior fire for yourself.



Luster is the amount of light that is reflected back to the observer from the surface of the jewel.



The durability of a jewel is determined by its hardness, or resistance to scratching, and its toughness, or resistance to chipping or cleaving. The jewel's hardness also determines the extent to which brilliance and "fire" can be highlighted by cutting with sharp, highly polished facets.



Rarity is the availability or perceived availability of a jewel.


Comparison Chart

  Beauty Durability

Specific Gravity

Refractive Index
Luster Hardness
Moissanite 2.65-2.69 0.104 20.4% 9.25 excellent 3.21
Diamond 2.42 0.044 17.2% 10 excellent * 3.52
Ruby 1.77 0.018 7.4% 9 excellent ** 4.00
Sapphire 1.77 0.018 7.4% 9 excellent ** 4.00
Emerald 1.58 0.014 4.8% 7.5 good to poor  


* except good in cleavage direction ** except twinned stones

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